Fallkniven DC3 Whetstone Diamond Ceramic Sharpener
Fallkniven DC3 Whetstone Diamond Ceramic Sharpener
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This combination diamond/ceramic whetstone is capable of sharpening virtually any type of steel. One side is a fine diamond stone (25 microns), and the other is a ceramic stone made of synthetic sapphires Read More

Oct 14, 2020
how would this fare on something like maxamet or k390?
Oct 15, 2020
The diamond side would be quite effective on hard steels. A few passes would clean up the bevel, then smooth the edge with the ceramic. Don’t forget to rub some green compound onto the back (rough) side of the slip case for finishing. You can touch up larger blades with a stone this small by holding the blade stationary and rubbing it with the stone. Just be careful how you hold the stone so as not to remove fingertips or knuckles. I’m waiting for a good price on the DC4, since I always carry my man-purse and have plenty of room for all those essential tools and toys that make life away from the man-cave more enjoyable.
Jan 8, 2019
Seems quite wee.
Jan 6, 2019
Cheaper on Amazon..
Jan 4, 2019
Who here considers 25 micron (~800 grit) "fine"? 🤪
Jan 7, 2019
Yes your right but I wasn't agree with the "polishing" term. For this it is not the good product, but leather. Sometimes, I use the leather quicly or glass. I don't have a lot of knives with real damaged edges. I have a chinese one and I am very satisfy except for the size and the price : 5 $ !. I read that the original one doesn't have a good diamant side (but I don't use the diamant side of mine, I use a chinese biggest plate but not so big, grid 1000). I use the most this stone. I have also whetstones 400-1000.
Jan 7, 2019
Oh, "polishing" vs "sharpening" is a very subjective term. Leather does polish but, unless you're adding abrasive compounds, that's more to do with stropping than sharpening. "Polishing" or "finishing" stones, in my opinion, can refine an edge that already has a good apex, but I would never use them alone on anything that has gone dull. You can easily have a mirror finish and still have a knife that doesn't cut well. Likewise, I've seen people shave off a 1k edge on straight razors. To me I would say 14,000 grit is definitely a polisher, for removing scratch patterns from a coarser stone, not for sharpening. Again though, we may be talking apples and oranges here since the one you have isn't actually the Fallkniven stone. It may be completely different grits, which may be why it works the way you say
Jan 4, 2019
Literally cheaper with 2 day shipping on Amazon. Thanks Massdrop! Why do you exist again?
Jul 5, 2018
Maddeningly high shipping to Australia, Doubles the cost and for something so small and light... Crazy
May 7, 2018
What’s the grit number of the two sides?
Jan 4, 2019
The DC3 is 3", the DC4 is 4" long. "For a razor sharp edge, finish the sharpening with a ceramic stone." Since the stone has both a medium diamond side and a fine ceramic side I don't see why you need anything else. When it comes to sharpening, I'm faster to blame myself instead of the stone. Especially since I've seen youtubers use the crapiest stone they can find on Amazon and then get a knife arm-hair cutting sharp.
Jan 6, 2019
CC3 and CC4 i suppose.