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May 7, 2015
I purchased this in the last drop.
This was a splurge for me. So pricey, and I honestly doubted it could be any better than what I already had (Gillette Slims, Fat Boy, News, Techs, Super Speeds, Red Tips, Milord, etc., a couple of current Edwin Jagger razors, Ikon, vintage Schick Injectors, Kronas, etc., a bunch of Gem single edged razors, etc. and at least a dozen other varying types from various makers)
Well, for me Feather AS-DS is better than all those. Not just the look and finish, but the handling and head design, too.
It's the one razor I've used that gives such a high degree of angle control, and associated tactile feedback, while remaining very smooth and just moderately aggressive. It gives me an easy irritation free BBS shave, and I love he experience of using it.
Unlike something like the Gillette Red Tip or Gem SE, which are great razors but somewhat aggressive, the Feather gives an equally great BBS shave. But it does so without the anxiety of razor burn and irritation if one is not hyper careful. It's a lot less stressful to use, which adds to the pleasure of the shaving ritual.
That's the brilliance of this Feather. It's so finely tuned. Gives fantastic "road feel," feedback, and control, gives as close of a shave as any other DE or SE razor I've used, yet does it smoothly with very low or no irritation.
Well worth it as an end game razor, IMO.
The one other DE razor I currently feel gives me a comparable performance and experience (though different) is the Merkur Progress.
Of course, YMMV. But this is a quality razor, no doubt.
May 7, 2015
May 13, 2015
I agree on Merkur Progress - one of the best out there, but my experience with Feather is completely opposite. It's too mild for me and produces a lot of irritation, because it requires too many passes (and yes, I experimented with different angles). The look of it is another matter - it's great, no doubt about it, but I buy razors for shaving and not as museum pieces.
May 13, 2015
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