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May 2, 2014
For any Canadians waiting on their orders, I received my razor today in Ontario. There was no packing material whatsoever inside the shipping box, so the Feather box was completely free to bang around. Luckily there was no damage. On the CBSA form it says the box was opened, but I found no evidence of that, and the Massdrop seal was intact.
Wow, this is a mild razor. I thought it might be somewhat comparable to the relatively mild Edwin Jagger DE89 I was using already, but it's almost night and day. The blade gap is tiny and requires a shaving angle that would completely mangle my face with any other razor. I don't think my first pass even took off anything but lather! I quickly got the hang of it and ended up with a great shave, but it definitely requires a significant adjustment to technique. The difference in fit and finish is also readily apparent; this is a $200 razor, and it looks and feels like it.
May 2, 2014
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