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Aug 25, 2014
Regarding the price per blade, you can get 20 blades for about $13 on amazon, which is significantly cheaper than the aforementioned $1.50 per. Regarding uses per blade, I have it on good authority that a user can easily get 7+ shaves per blade. This still makes it less cost effective than your typical de blade, but you also get the closeness and experience of a straight razor shave. However,nWe all know that the purchase of an item like this is more about the experience than the cost effectiveness. Otherwise we would just buy a de razor and call it good (no disrespect to those who shave exclusively with a de, it is also a good experience) Regarding sharpening of the blades, I'm happy with getting 6-8 shaves out of a blade. If you aren't, I'd recommend just getting a straight razor. Then you can sharpen and strop to your heart's desire. However, this razor is designed to negate the necessity of sharpening and stropping.
Aug 25, 2014
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