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Jan 7, 2015
I just wanted to say for those second guessing or on the fence with this IEM, it is worth it, if you can find the right fit with a certain tip, it is most definitely worth the money or more. I have these A83, Earsonics Sm64(another great choice), Rhapsodio RD2, HE-560s, and ZMF x Vibros. These are a greatly enjoyable but balanced IEM, yes it has a slight peak in the treble region but honestly playing it through my Ibasso DX90 I have no problems with any genre of music from punk, alternative, prog rock, indie rock, hip hop, classical, cinematic scores, etc. The only downfall for some will be fit, the finish and build is top notch, the aesthetics from my view are great, and the as far as sound quality... best tonality I have probably gotten from IEM, on par with many closed and or open full size headphones. Bass is very nice with good extension and impact when it is in the music or track, midrange is clear and has a nice neutrality without sounding too analytical, and highs are detailed with great extension as well. Moderate sound staging for an IEM. Seal is very important with these IEMs as with many. Find the right seal and fit and you could not go wrong with these especially for under 300$
Jan 7, 2015
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