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Sep 14, 2014
New review, from ljokerl who is also on Head-Fi. Comparison between several hybrid earphones, he seems to like the Dunu dn-2000's followed by the Fidue's as the best in the group. He didn't think there was much sonic difference between the two.
"The challenges and goals, so far as I can tell, are: 1. coherency between the different drivers; 2. leveraging the bass of the dynamic driver without having it overwhelm the mids and highs; and 3. extracting the expected clarity and detail from the balanced armatures without losing note thickness and resorting to excessive brightness. The XBA-H3, for example, does a great job of 1. but lags behind the others when it comes to 2. With these criteria, my favorite is the Dunu DN-2000, followed by the Fidue A83. Both of these deliver reasonably balanced, clear sound with bass impact that easily beats most reference-class BA setups without muddying up the sound."
Sep 14, 2014
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