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Oct 9, 2015
Own 2. Great if you are looking for features as opposed to best sound. Sounds pretty good, but isn't best for its price range. Works with Moto X 2014 with OTG cable, will drain Moto X battery if USB charge left on. Volume control is annoying because it is digital despite knob. There are 60 volume levels, turning volume control quickly has the same effect as turning it slowly - and its only 2 clicks or so per nudge - this means to turn it fully up, the knob bas to be nudged about 30x - and turning the wheel faster still only moves it 2 levels out of 60. Can be used as a separate rechargeable amp. Supposed to mate with a dock that is still vaporware. Most features for price and very good sound - but others in the same price range sound better - but lack all extra features (tone controls, amp/DAC can be separated, aux out, digital out, portability due to small size and rechargeable battery).
Oct 9, 2015
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