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Oct 2, 2019
According the the DAC chips spec sheet data; these should provide a perfect ‘line out’ into amplifiers etc. Its weakness would be towards (trying to drive) studio over ear headphones >250 Ohm. This really is for IEMs with easy power requirements, and anyone wanting a ‘vastly better’ than phone quality sound and a dedicated device for holding multimedia and not being interrupted with phone messages etc whilst enjoying music. As a DAP it might not push ahead of the best phones output power, but at this price it isn’t meant to. For what it is; it will give music that sounds musical. Anyone who compares familiar music on analytical headphones in a quiet listening space will realise ‘pretty quickly’ that phones don’t really hold a candle to clean sound ‘done right’. DAPs are not always about ‘more power to drive’ but rather ‘better music to drive to’ ;-) I have often fed music from entry level DAPs and DACs into the car AUX In with the net effect being vastly wider soundstage, better, ‘more nuanced’ fidelity, and a much more ‘enjoyable’ listening experience. This price tier of DigitalAudioPlayers’ do not prove ‘end game’ / a tier better than the BEST phones (around a handful of phones that equate to ‘entry level’ DAPs), but the price difference is 10:1 in this devices favour. If someone wanted a DAP that left behind, easily, the BEST phones, something like Drops’ recent FiiO X5s would leave no comparison. Dedicated audio parts, built right, offer a level of sound most consumers are unfamiliar with. This part is the ‘doorway’ to that sound quality. Worthwhile to consider, and a definate consideration for anyone wanting a portable music collection to feed into outboard power amps etc. (Phones have too many interruptions that would make playback into, say, a Cafes’ sound system, completely unacceptable). for business owners on a budget who just want nice music fed into their amp and speakers, with a playlist that runs all day without repeat.. something like this is easy to use, easy to update, and doesn’t cost ‘the earth’.
Oct 2, 2019
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