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Chief Product Officer
Jun 12, 2013
Ladies and Gentlemen! This buy has surpassed all expectations and reached nearly seven times the maximum price drop level. With that in hand, we went back to the Massdrop Vendor behind this listing and renegotiated on your behalf. Those negotiations were successful and I'm glad to say we're adding a new price drop to this buy. If the group can reach 150 units, the price will drop to $89.99 + Shipping. There's only three hours left in this drop so in an effort to help you reach the new maximum price drop level, we're going to extend the buy by another four days. Don't worry though, this wont impact fulfillment time for those who have already placed orders. The Vendor has agreed to ship the first 100 units to our fulfillment center within the next day and any remaining orders at the end of the new buy period. It's exciting to see groups consistently growing to this size and we're glad to leverage that size to get you even better prices! See you at 150.
Jun 12, 2013
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