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Mar 20, 2017
Got these into the start of the weekend, so didn't get a chance to listen then at length, but on the short listening I did, really good sound for being a sub $100 single BA IEM. My Dunu DN1K triple drivers are better sounding, but those are almost 2-3 times the cost of this, so have to set expectations.
It actually has a somewhat warm tone, and until I downsized one in tip size, it was skewed in that direction. Although, even after downsizing, it was still present, just not as much. But seating it in deeper did help balance out the sound. Will have to experiment with other tips later, maybe Sony hybrids.
Compared to other sub $100 BA IEMs I have, these are definitely better (Phonak 112, MEE A151, Sony XBA1). I'm actually surprised at the bass that comes out of these for being BA. Most BAs have a distinct bass presentation - people call it tight. I wouldn't say this is as visceral as a larger dynamic driver, but better than other single BAs.
The build quality is great, and will probably use these on the go and travel.
Mar 20, 2017
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