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Aug 8, 2015
I listened to these at a recent Head-Fi meet. I didn't get much time with them but they are very different sounding from anything I've heard before. The addition of the balanced armature gives the illusion of a very large soundstage. These were unamped running directly off the AK Jr. To me with that setup they came off as a bit bright, I had asked another member there what he had thought and he brought up the brightness also, before knowing my opinion. It took the AK Jr at volume level of 60 to run these at normal volume. I'm sure with a portable amp they would only benefit. I'm on the fence with these, they really were impressive and for this price I doubt you could find better. The build quality was excellent and they are much prettier in person. The comfort level was great as well. I'd really like to reiterate these don't sound anything like your normal dynamic or ortho cans they're just different. Good different.
Aug 8, 2015
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