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Mar 3, 2015
Got mine from last drop.
Good product,definitely worth the price especially when you compare it too some luxury brands that demands over 100 for one case that sometimes only holds 1 pen.
The leather on this case is not lesser of any those cost many times more than this.But it is not very scratch resistance ,i thrown my in my bag with books that have some edges and a mid size scratch was shown.Maybe it is because the leather is thin?Still the feels of it on hand is very good.Overall wonderful product,all my pens fits,except that Lamy Al-star seems struggles a bit,it can still go in though.
I have already joined this drop too,getting a replacement for the one i scratched.And i found out if you are not in USA then order 2 will have no extra shipping fee but 3 or more will.
Hope there will be more brown or a 2-pen case in nappa leather in the future . :)
Mar 3, 2015
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