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Feb 24, 2017
I'm really excited to start working with Garmont. They have been making boots for 50+ years and are well respected around the world for everything from their serious mountaineering boots down to their day hiking shoes. AND, I'm in love with these boots in particular. They are built on the design of the venerable Dragontail approach shoes, so they are light and tough, but with a higher cuff that goes above the ankle.
I usually hike in trail running shoes, but there are times when I do need boots. I look for something like this: -reasonably light so they don't feel clunky or slowly wear me down with their weight -cover my ankle but not too much that I lose agility -meaningful protection along the outside of the boot. It usually takes a long time to wear out boots, but it's easy to see in trail running shoes that a high-wear area is the outside of your foot, from your little toe, back. This is where you tend to scrape against rocks the most, and yet it often is not sufficiently protected -gotta look good without being too techy or old school. These have the natural colors of shades of brown and black, with a little orange for pop. Nothing too crazy, nor too boring.
As these are only available in the US through Massdrop, you'll have to look around for reviews from Europe. Also checkout talk of the Dragontail approach shoes as those are quite similar, just in a low top style as previously mentioned. That would be a good way to determine fit as well. For style, I might compare these boots to the Asolo Jumla GV, which won Outdoor Gear Lab's "Top Pick" award for best hiking boot.
Feb 24, 2017
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