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Aug 28, 2021
If you get Durock V2's from Divinikey (if you are in the US), coverage for a full-size board (i.e. 1x6.25u + 7x2u stabs) is worth 30.5 USD, and for a 60% 19.25 without shipping, and Durock's are regarded as the best. Additionally, after some math I came to this conclusion:
  • On the 60% kit you are paying 5.46 USD per 2u stab, and 6.16 per 6.25u/7u one.
  • On the full-size one, you pay 5.53 USD per 2u stab, and 6.30 per 6.25u/7u one.
Finally, and to add insult to injury, Divinikey has the same Gateron stabs at 26.95 for the 60% variant. Be conscious buyers people! Those 45 points are not worth the value (for not using harsher words).
Aug 28, 2021
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