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Jul 9, 2021
Got my batch of Pro Yellows from ali today. I'm pretty impressed with them. These are a fantastic option for people who just want a good stock switch. The lube job is pretty darn good and overall they are a pure KS-8 upgrade. Less wobble, smoother, better sound (not as nice as a lubed and filmed Milky yellow). But for the price, these are an amazing budget switch for people who just want a good stock switch. These are not just lubed Yellows these should be using the newer gateron molds if I'm not mistaken. You can tell by the inside down gateron logo. Im going to order another batch, remove all the stock lube and see how they compare vs the KS-8 and Milky yellows. But the way they are they sound so much better than the KS-8 switches stock, they don't have that very high-pitched sound to them. They do have a bit of a scratchy sound to them (not as bad as other yellows), but the overall pitch is very good for a gat yellow. Overall if you wanted Gat yellows that were just improved in all ways well you got them. For a brief time I actually liked the Akko CS rose red over the Gat yellow for a budget linear but I honestly like these even more. I just wonder if the kind of dumb "Pro" branding will hurt them. The fact there 3 pin is a shame, id rather them be 5 pin and just clip the extra pins if you don't need them. But these really do seem to target the market of people who want to just drop the switch in a hot-swap board and not think. Edit: Drop has them listed as PCB mount but there Plate mount, this should be corrected quickly.
Jul 9, 2021
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