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Feb 19, 2015
A little bit of background and context on this product for people that are interested in all of the discussion occurring around the internet regarding this listing.
We first received Gateron samples in November 2014 and brought a giant bag of them to the December 6th Bay Area Keyboard meetup. There was considerable feedback from the community that we ought to list Gateron switches at that time, but we wanted to gather more data about switch preference, so we launched a group buy in late December for a Varmilo Switch tester with Gateron switches inside. This meant that the switches could be used and tested by more people before we put together a group buy.
After the January 31st Bay Area Keyboard meetup, there was an overwhelming number of requests for a Gateron switch group buy, so we did the due diligence in modeling out the demand and ensuring quantities were going to be available, and then we launched the group buy. Concurrently, hwood34 has been working on launching his own group buy for the past 2 months on Geekhack. We did not steal hwood34's idea for a Gateron groupbuy (or his interest check), as we've been planning this for months.
We launched our group buy this morning, and coincidentally hwood34 launched his a few hours later. Our group buy is significantly different from hwood34's due to the price, fulfillment speed, and level of service/customization being offered. We strongly encourage users to compare the two buys and determine what is most appropriate for them.
At the same time we'll reach out to hwood34 to see if there are any merits in us working together to make the entire process more efficient for everyone and I'll post the results here.
Feb 19, 2015
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