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Aug 28, 2014
The volume issue when connecting the device is only present on Windows machines. I use a MacBook Pro at work and it's flawless. I use a windows machine at home and need to turn the volume down every single time you connect it. I believe it's just the windows driver that needs work. Macs don't require anything, it just works when you plug it in. You'll need to follow the guides online for Foobar 2000(windows) or Audirvana+(not free, Mac) if you want to listen to SACD iso's(DSD audio).
I have the GO 1000 in Kickstarter green and it powers all of my headphones from 16-600 ohms with no noticeable hiss and plenty of power. The HD650's are a pretty good match for it. (LHLabs seems to like Sennheiser, they had the HD800's in a lot of the kickstarter stuff). From reading the comments here the 1000 must get hotter than the 720 since I'm pretty sure mine would burn children or people with sensitive skin after use for an hour or so. It seems to get hotter when playing DSD content than anything else.
Aug 28, 2014
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