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Apr 21, 2017
The email from April 12th said " They will give us a more definitive timeline next Tuesday, but currently expect to ship these out by April 20th." Where is the follow up email? Does Massdrop upper management know about this fiasco? Do they care? From scanning other drops that have gone awry, you guys have offered partial refunds. Why has this not been offered to your CUSTOMERS on this drop? When one reads Jonas' comments from this link, "Of course, happy to. Sorry for the mess here, I love this knife and Brad is great to work with - but mostly we want to make sure that members are 100% satisfied with every drop experience; we try to make them all smooth and easy on the first try, but the nature of our business can sometimes lead to situations like this. When we can't avoid it, we do try to clean up and communicate quickly. Appreciate your patience. " I DO NOT get that Massdrop wants me to be 100% satisfied nor do I think this has been cleaned up or communicated quickly.
Apr 21, 2017
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