CNI Laser: GLP-532 5mW (Green)
CNI Laser: GLP-532 5mW (Green)
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Dimensions: 150mm (Length) x 13.50mm (Width) Weight: 55g without batteries Wavelength (nm): 532±1 Output power (mW): 5 Transverse mode: TEM00 Operating mode: CW Beam divergence, full angle (mrad): <1. 5 Beam diameter at the aperture (mm): ~1 Read More
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The GLP-532 is Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Technology's (CNI) entry level green laser pointer that has an output of 5mW. This particular laser outputs a wavelength of 532nm with a variance of plus or minus one nanometer. CNI is famous for its laboratory grade, stable, and durable lasers.


This GLP-532 is perfect as a first laser pointer for any new enthusiast, as well as fun to have for just pointing around since it is the same size and weight of a nice pen making it a very portable package. The GLP-532 has a noticeable green beam under low-light conditions and can be seen in mid-air.

Note: These lasers should never be pointed at any flying objects or into anyone's face.

Easy to Use

The GLP-532 is very easy to operate and use. Simply unscrew the gold cap at the bottom of the laser body and insert two AA batteries with the polarity facing up and screw the cap back on tightly to insure a complete circuit. To activate the laser, simply press the rubber button near the diode.

Safety Option

When you join this drop, you qualify for the LS-Y CNI laser goggles for $35 extra. The goggle has an Ocular Density (OD) of 2.5 and protects your eyes in the 516 to 590nm laser wavelengths. According to Laser Institute of America's (LIA) OD Calculator these goggles will protect your eyes against lasers in the 516 to 590nm range that has an average power output of 315mW in a continuous output for a period for more than 0.25 seconds.

  • Dimensions: 150mm (Length) x 13.50mm (Width)
  • Weight: 55g without batteries
  • Wavelength (nm): 532±1
  • Output power (mW): 5
  • Transverse mode: TEM00
  • Operating mode: CW
  • Beam divergence, full angle (mrad): <1. 5
  • Beam diameter at the aperture (mm): ~1. 5
  • Switch: Push button
  • Surface color: Black with Gold trim
  • Power supply: 2xAA/1.5V batteries
  • Expected lifetime (hours): 5000
  • Warranty: 6 months

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It's a pity that you can't! The regulations in the US are indeed pretty annoying, but I think it's still legal when they meet all the FDA requirements for handheld lasers class 3b or higher aka. beamshutter safetyswitch and so on. For example some of the skylasers in the voting ( have all FDA safety features. Also laser modules are totally legal to import, because they are obvisiously no handheld lasers. So importing hosts and modules to the US is totally legal. I think some would even prefer they modules, because you can make your own custom lasers with it. CNI for example also offers every module they use in their pointers without the host IMO there are 3 Ways you could still sell lasers with higher output than 5mw 1. Sell laser pointers that meet all FDA requirements and are made by companies that aren't on th FDAs red list. 2. Sell modules only. 3. Sell modules with fitting hosts or kits like the survivallasers kit (it comes also from the USA so no problem with costums anyway) in the voting The disadvantage of 2. and 3. is that it requires a little knowlegde. (3. IMO isn't more complex than building a shelf with instrutions that are also given in case of survivallasers) Also I see that many lasers experts are here like SodaAnt and Massdrop is well known on LPF ( So from my point I see many experienced potential buyers that would be happy about modules or kits. Please think it over Massdrop is great and it should be possible to use the advantages of this plattform to get good priced high quality lasers.