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Aug 6, 2015
My set arrived today and I was super excited! However, I already knew what probably laid in store for me once I opened the package. And, not to my surprise, my keys were scattered inside the plastic tray and the box. Furthermore, many keys were damaged. How you ask? A terrible GMK plastic tray. The ends of the tray were held down with tape and secure. However, the middle and essentially the entire tray, at this point, was unsafe to handle this keyset, especially during shipping. I am truly disappointed in this product and the way it was shipped to me. This is not just a problem for me, MANY people have had their keycaps scattered, and more than likely, damaged with the use of these awful trays. This is an album of my damaged keys, and this is not even all of them. These are merely the most prominent scratches that can be easily photographed.
Aug 6, 2015
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