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Aug 13, 2015
Mine arrived today too. I was really expecting the worst when I saw how poor the condition of the box was when they arrived for other people, and mine had to ship to Australia. With regards to that, it was actually okay. The box was in decent shape and the keys were still within the questionably strong plastic tray. The main problem with the tray seems to be that it's barely strong enough to hold itself in shape, and so can't be expected to hold the keys in place when being shaken around and stuff.
As for the colors, they seem a little off compared to the pictures. DoctorX mentioned how the teal is actually too blue, and the light grey is actually closer to white. This is true for me too.
Also like DoctorX, I seem to have gotten extremely lucky; there aren't any gouges caused by the keys grating against each other, and the colors seem to be quite consistent with minimal swirling on only few of the keys. This issues seems to be worst near areas like the dodgy "Numpad+" key where there is a chunk of plastic missing from it's underside, and the areas around the remnants of the stems connecting the key to ... whatever they used to be connected to. The mold I guess? I have no idea sorry :D
I can't explain it well, and it's a kinda silly thing to even point out, but some of the keys don't have consistent shine. When held under a light, there will be areas that aren't as shiny. Again, this issue seems to be worse at areas where plastic is missing or where the stem used to be connected to something.
From my brief look over it the quality seems to be pretty passable apart from the few aforementioned things, which I had to go searching for to find. I haven't got any other GMK sets to compare it to though and my experience with custom key sets is fairly limited. I've only owned the Granite set (eh quality, for me), and a grey blank thick PBT set from imsto (great quality if I remember right).
TL;DR: - Got lucky as fuck. - Packaging survived, surprisingly. - Tray should never be shipped. Good for displaying keys. - Colors are off compared to initial pictures. - My set's quality is passable. - Quality control or consistency in quality seems to be shit house.

Aug 13, 2015
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