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Jul 12, 2018
I really do like the layout of this. It's a good layout that gets you lots of coverage, but it has a few things that miss the mark on "perfect" for me. Which is a bummer.
But would be nice if it had a more standard layout with 2.25u shift, 1.25u Ctrl/Alt and 6.25u space bar. Or at least allowing alternative layouts so you could 2.25u right shift, 1.25u lower row with a 6.25u space bar and "white fox/alt" gap. I could have seen potential to do alt layouts of split backspace and then 1.25u enter where you could actually get 3 columns to do a numberpad (although \ key is the only outlier and no way to really split it).
Seems a fine board if you plan on getting GMK keycap sets to match it. But lots of non standard keys outside of the nav cluster on the right. 1.75u shift, 1.5u Ctrl and Alt keys, 6u space bar. In some cases you could potentially be looking at needing ortho kits + space bars + some sort of 75%/Fox kit to get the 1.75u shift. Would best seem to go GMK sets or some sort of uniform DSA/XDA set for this.
Jul 12, 2018
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