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Jul 26, 2021
Take your GL2Ks and plug them into an OTL tube amp (Darkvoice, TA-26, or something like my Feliks Elise). You'll thank me later. I managed to get a pair a day or two the original hype train hit. The train and GP's questionable practices to rush production lead to a ton of variance within a particular/infamous reviewer community I'm a part of. Out of the several dozen sets, it was all over the playing field and depended on if you got your order in before they originally went out of stock from the Chinese site or ordered on Drop. Ordering from Drop in that situation (not Drop's fault) put the timing of the first batch around the time GP scrambled. I think the hype has died down having plenty of months, and I'd argue these are a solid investment for enjoyment (maybe not resale value). They don't quite touch the Verites and 909 I love, but the sheer fact they are a planar that OTL tubes like a champ lent them a special place on my wall.
Jul 26, 2021
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