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Oct 31, 2015
I've noticed a lot of confusion about the RCA outputs on the rear and would like to make a few suggestions to MD: - under Specs, add a simple section called Inputs: USB & Toslink Optical (no analog inputs). Yes there's an Input Lock Range section that implies that this unit only has 2 inputs that are digital but I feel it needs to be explicit rather than implicit. - add an Output symbol 'label' below the RCA jacks just like the owner manual shows It was pointed out on page 2 that the RCA jacks were output only but I wouldn't expect everyone to wade through 16+ pages of discussions to see a KEY spec. As a rule of thumb MD might want to consider updating the description page if a topic gets brought up on 3 or more separate occasions? BTW thank you for adding the output wattage @600 ohms.
Oct 31, 2015
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