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Nov 4, 2015
I think Grace and Massdrop did a great job with this desktop dac/amp. The fact that you can run it on battery and use as a portable unit is a bonus. There are many boxes the m9XX checks for $499. To compete with it, you'll have to move up to $599 on a Chord Mojo or $749 on a RME Babyface Pro or $899 on a Universal Audio Apollo.
Pros: - compact form factor, small footprint on a desk
- solid build quality, look and feel
- ease of use and set up
- does hi-res and DSD
- HP crossfeed (best for IEMs)
- dual headphone outputs for simultaneous listening with a friend, drives TWO AKG K7XX.
- ultra-low output impedance @ 0.08 Ohms for even the most sensitive IEMs such as AKG K3003 (8 Ohms) or Shure SE845 (9 Ohms)
- nearly 1w of power in Hi-Power mode @ 32 Ohms (most hps are around 30 Ohms)
- optical input for external digital music players such as Astell&Kern DAPs
- RCA output for use with external headphone amp or to powered speakers
- USB bus-power, single cable system
- high power mode for hard to drive headphones such as Beyerdynamic T1 , Sennheiser HD800, Audeze LCDs (I've tested all of these)
- operates on external battery for portable use or on an airplane (Anker 10000mA lasted TWO work days driving HD800 during my testing)
- exceptional sound quality
- Mac and Windows supported
- iOS and Android devices compatible with a simple USB hub (hack)
- only $499 with FREE shipping
Cons: - not as flashy looking as Apogee Duet for iOS ($599) or RME Babyface Pro ($749)
Nov 4, 2015
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