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Sep 15, 2015
For those of you who are interested, there is not only a well established ecosystem of mods out there for you to check out, but there are also other pads you can use to change out if you find the on ear characteristic a turn off.
I personally have a pair of these and different types of pads. Since my head is a little wider than others I originally found some discomfort in wearing them until I adjusted the headband per my desire as well as added some huge pads to make them circumaural.
Seriously, these are a quality buy I would recommend anyone looking to get into music and will sit down for hours listening. In terms of comfort: after I've adjusted and customized it to my preferred level of comfort I've found myself after work dozing off with them on several times.
The styling and construction are both classic and durable.
If you love rock, classic, and acoustic music in general... this is an enjoyable listen unless you are used to a more "neutral" sound. These are mid-treble forward with a wide sound stage... with slight changes if you change the pads like I did.
Sep 15, 2015
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