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Apr 6, 2015
*** THE IDEAL FUTURE PROOF BUY *** This would be my ideal shopping cart. Future proof in case you want to resell OR cover a new keyboard:
ISO lovers should remove the enter/esc and add the ISO ENTER and INTL KIT.
Everything else is for special needs.
First of all decide if you want TEXT or ICON modifiers. That's up to your personal taste.
All orders require the COMMON KIT and (unless you have extremely advanced needs) you also want either the TEXT or ICON MODIFIERS.
With COMMON + MOD KITS you cover: - Any poker or poker-like keyboard, including PokerII, V60 mini, Ducky mini, ... - Any standard TenKeyLess keyboard, such as the Filco Majestouch TKL, the Novatouch, Ducky Zero, ...
To that add a NUMPAD to cover: - Standard layout keyboards such as the Ducky Shine, Filco Majestouch (fullsize), ... - External numpads. NOTE: most external numpads have additional 4u keys, if you need those grab any other kit that includes some extra 1u keys such as the MULTIMEDIA KIT, the PRO MODS or the GAMER KIT
The PRO MODIFIERS is an advanced "Tsangan Kit". You need it if: - you have a WinKeyLess keyboard with 1.5u modifiers, remember to grab the 7u spacebar too! - you want to swap CTRL with Caps Lock - you ha a short RIGHT SHIFT with 1u FN key, such as the KBT pure or a custom HHKB layout (NOTE: Granite does NOT support Topre switches!) - you want to switch the backslash/pipe (\|) with BACKSPACE - you need additional FN keys for custom keyboards - and generally if you want to future proof your buy. Honestly, if you are not on a budget, grab the PRO MOD!
INTERNATIONAL BUYERS You most likely need the ISO ENTER. If you are on a budget, grab some blanks to cover language specific keys, otherwise you better buy the INTERNATIONAL KIT.
ERGODOX The ergodox kit covers many standard ergodox configuration, but being a custom keyboard we cannot predict all the combinations. Check your current/wanted/future layout, if you miss something, you probably just need an additional blank kit. BTW, what am I talking about? if you build your own ergodox you already know all about this.
EXTRA HOMING If you need not standard ALPHA staggering (such as COLEMAK), take this kit. You may also need this if you don't want standard homing F and J (and you prefer a perfectly flat keyboard)
APPLE KIT ah! you know what that is for!
SPICE UP YOUR KEYBOARD (AKA f*&!k the shades of gray) GAMER, ENTER+ESC, RGB are to introduce some color to the otherwise monotone layout. Get at least one. It's for your own good.
Linux user? Android fanboy? Grab the EXTRA OS kit.
Windows aficionado? Get the WINDOWS kit, the WIN3.1 key is priceless.
SPECIALTY KIT This is for extremely advanced. If you build your own keyboards, grab this! The JD40 and mini keyboards such as the MINILA need this kit.
What the heck is MONOLEGEND for? If you don't know, you don't need it! :P
Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015
Damn Matt, I went the whole hog for your sets again.
The icons are to die for, thanks for fronting up here and explaining in detail what everyone needs to buy to make their dream keyboard layouts come true ; )
Apr 6, 2015
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