Gregory Zulu & Jade Backpacks
Gregory Zulu & Jade Backpacks
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Product Description
With their low-profile CrossFlo ventilated suspension, the men’s Zulu and women’s Jade backpacks by Gregory keep you cool when ridge running or bike touring. The packs feature two stretch pockets to hold water bottles, two easy-access waistbelt pockets, and loops to attach trekking poles or ice axes Read More

Jul 16, 2018
Any chance of a Zulu 30 in moss green?
Jul 15, 2018
Why no international shipping?
Jul 14, 2018
Man I was waiting for these, but USA shipping only.... bummer:(
Jun 8, 2018
Make it available it's a must have for the Mun Blanc , ak TMB . ANY 1 GOT A BETTER IDEA FOR ULTRALIGHT TRACK?
Apr 30, 2018
A lot of people seem to think its the size that matters; nay, I say to you: it's length that reigns supreme. And then, yeah, size.
Just to clarify, whether you're tall or short, male or female, you gotta measure your torso length. A lot of outdoorsy businesses will help you measure that if you're not sure but basically it's the bump at the back of your neck (no, not the tumor), the bony protrusion near the base of the back of your neck.
That's your last cervical bone. Measure from there until where your thumbs meet when you put your hands on your hips (typically on top of your iliac crests). I don't include weirdos who like to put their hands on the side all the way up, like under the breast or right against the armpit. It looks uncomfortable af. Stop it.
You could be a male with a short torso or a female with a long torso so make sure you get those measurements down for best comfort when hiking.
Apr 29, 2018
What is the shipping timeline for these? I have friends who need new bags for Memorial Day and we're in Hawaii.
Apr 29, 2018
No international shipping... :(
Apr 27, 2018
In the description the Jade 38 is listed as an option but it's not available to purchase.
Jan 18, 2018
Any chance you can a Blue or Grey zulu 30 in the options in Medium or small? I wanna get it but the options i was hoping for isn't available. I already have the 45 and know that it's fantastic. Hoping to pick up a smaller one for shorter trips.
Mark M.
Jan 18, 2018
Not this time around @sPyKeO666 - What you see under "options" is what we have available. Next time the drop runs we'll do our best to secure more options!
Jan 19, 2018
Looking forward to the next drop then.. Blue or Grey Zulu 30 in medium pleeeeeease!
My girlfriend recently bought the Zulu 30 (mens pack). She loves it. I spent about 3 days trying on different packs with her at REI and she chose the Zulu 30 for day hikes. Shes petite and 5'5", so it was interesting to see her choose the men's pack over the woman's for comfort.
Go to REI to try it on before you buy. Gregory is an excellent company no doubt.
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