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Jun 26, 2016
Got mine yesterday. Here are the initial impressions: Both pens are beautiful, the pens are lighter (in weight) than they look. The oak smelled, not sure if it is the natural smell (I do not know how oak smelled), or if it is the chemical. Each pen came with a convertor and a small box of 5 ink cartridges. I pulled out the convertor and installed a cartridge on the pen with Broad nib for initial writing test. No luck, the ink just don't flow and, after I dipped the nib in an ink bottle in the hope of getting the flow started, it still does not flow well. So I pulled out the cartridge, threw it away, installed the convertor, and filled it with bottled ink. The ink started to flow right away and the pen writes beautifully. Morale of the story: the cartridge may not be much good, at least with this nib (I don't always have problem with starting a new pen on cartridge). The Broad nib is on the fine side of Broad, more like an M nib of my other Germany pens. In my 15 minutes of test, it skipped occasionally (I am using Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris ink). It could be the ink, or it could just be being a new pen (I did clean the nib as soon as I received the pens and let it dry overnight). Time will tell. My second pen came fitted with an M nib (I had wanted a B nib as I am more accustomed to B nib but made a mistake in selection, and by the time I learned of my mistake, it was too late to change). It write well (nice and smooth) but the line width is more like an F nib than a typical M nib (so my mistake really hurts). Even though the line width is thinner, I did not notice any skip. So, for someone who likes to write with fine lines (not me), this would have been a great pen. All in all, quite happy with the pen. My only slight concern is the skip, and I will change the ink to see if the skip goes away.
Jun 26, 2016
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