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Well-designed and solidly built, the Gustard H10 is a powerful, Class A, output stage headphone amplifier designed for home listening. Measuring 10” x 7” and weighing 7 lbs., the 110V H10 features two independent amplification circuits for the left and right channels, four gain switches, two RCA inputs, and two balanced XLR inputs Read More

Apr 2, 2022
I upgraded the two transformer with Nuvotem Talema. The sound improve a lot (tone and timbre is the same but add speed dynamic and soundstage, better bass quality) and I just got rid of those Burson V6 opamp (Classic Dual, Classic Single and Vivid single), replacing them with something else. Change some Cs and my H10 is now finished. I dont need anymore modification (maybe some vintage oil Capacitors though). Great amp indeed.
Jan 24, 2022
The H10 is an excellent sounding headphone amp offered at a ridiculously low price. The design of this amp is for all intents and purposes a clone of the Violectric HPA V200 for about 25% of its price. You can do even better on the used market. I paid $195 delivered for a nearly stock mint one and it was a tremendous bargain. Some owners of the V200 and H10 have said that they actually prefer the sound of the H10 over the V200, however, this is of course subjective. Caveat, try to buy a stock one, because some have been modified with opamps that were not properly matched for the H10, which would result in these opamps exceeding the voltage of the H10, thus causing damage to the amp, while destroying the opamps.
Nov 3, 2020
Has a critical design flaw that allowed me to pick it up for cheap. Fixed with 3 dollars worth of parts. Great for my AKG K240DF's.
Feb 12, 2021
GregoryShoutWhat was the design flaw and how did you fix it? Thanks in advance!
Jun 7, 2020
Sad they cancelled the last orders for this. But I guess nowhere stocks this model anywhere anymore.
Dec 24, 2019
Any sign of return?
Oct 3, 2019
i hope come back but not 110V edition. If it sells Europe edition even better!
Dangit... After doing some reading on this amp I came here to pull the trigger on one only to be greeted by the dreaded "sold through" message. This sucks. I doubt I will ever get another chance to own one of these now. :(
Oct 2, 2019
PolygonBronsontl;dr: Don't buy this product unless you're willing to mod for adequate cooling you're in luck then!! Cause this amp broke on me twice!!!! the first amp, I got popping noise on one side randomly after 1.5 year of use iirc. massdrop sent a 2nd unit and The second one had the same problem in 1 year! After doing some research and reading , it seems to me that some internal parts get SUPER hot and they are not cooled at all! Someone even modded the case to make ventilation holes and mounted small heatsinks on those hot parts. The worst part for me was that I'm not in country with any decent repair shop that is into Hi-Fi repair and Hi-Fi is super niche in here, so I can't even sell it for cheap for replacement parts! My recommendation is to buy an amplifier with a known brand to get the best out of your money even if you're in country that can repair Hi-Fi FULL DISCLAIMER: this was a really great and powerful amp when it was working properly but just because it cost much less then the competition for the same performance doesn't mean you're getting a good deal! the real cost is the bad warranty (not including warranty in my statement)
Apr 19, 2021
skysaberx8xWas your H10 stock, or was it modded with aftermarket op amps like those manufactured by Burson Audio? Their V5 op amps ran very hot in the H10 and would burn up. They'd even burn up stock resistors in the H10, due to the tremendous heat that the V5 op amps gave off. It turns out, the plastic covering on the V5 op amps actually trapped heat which led to them overheating. I have a stock H10 and it runs cool, even after hours of use. Also sounds great with my planar magnetics and higher impedance headphones.
Sep 30, 2019
My H10 went well for 3 years and suddenly one day, it produces a loud noice and stopped working. Shame there's no warranty and I cannot fix it myself
Sep 30, 2019
I thought this had been discontinued! This is a fantastic amp and well worth the money. I've had one for around four years (with Burson single, and Sparko dual op-amps) and it was a huge improvement in sound over the various Schiit amps I had tried before that.
Sep 29, 2019
I see so many product questions on the daily that can be answered by simply reading the specs.
Sep 29, 2019
ILikeAcid...the 110V H10...
Sep 29, 2019
Furyo60I get it, but my comment still stands for a million other instances. 🙂
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