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Mar 16, 2015
I have this amp, and it's very good. I'm not sure what those guys over at Head-Fi are saying about having a ~60hr burn in order for it to "open up" since it sounds the same as day 1 minus a bit of dirt in the volume control knob that went away after a few days. Anyway, tested with K7XX, sounds great, modified AD2000, same. Very neutral and powerful amp. It has enough power to blow the drivers of the aforementioned headphones if you play with the bass with an equalizer.
If you guys don't understand the damping factor specs, it means it has a 0.125 ohm output impedance. Impedance (50) divided by damping factor (400) equals output impedance (0.125).
Maybe this can be added to the spec list:
Output power: 570 mW (600 ohm load) 2200 mW (100 ohms) 2700 mW (50 ohms) 2000 mW (32 ohms) 1000 mW (16 ohms)
Looks like its sweet spot is 32-100 ohms.
Mar 16, 2015
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