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keeb weeb
May 8, 2021
Hi everyone, The long awaited CRP R4 is here and it's huge! I've spoken with the vendor about condensing the kit so it was slightly adjusted from the China GB. I asked to have Alice support added for this round and it was :) As per the note on the page, samples for R4 were not made nor sent to me. The images on the product page are from R3 (personal sets that I own), and Hammer asked to specify that the kits from R3 and R4 are slightly different. PLEASE PLEASE refer to the layout diagrams in the gallery to accurately understand what you will receive, as there are already a lot of questions about 'I saw this in the picture ...". For example - the Tulip icon modifiers were part of 2.2/3 and is NOT offered in R4 since the modifier kits have changed. The colors of white/beige will be the same from the previous round. The alphas and mods were split to accommodate for the variety of choices. I do not have control for adjustments of the kits so please do not ask. I will however, note your suggestions and if they are very popular, Hammer may agree to them. Though it gets complicated when members will order a kit they see on this page and receive something different. 5/13 Update:

Window kits and deskmat have been added in. Because of the way our system is set up, we are unable to add in new options for active/live pages. Another sale was launched and the first one was ended.

If you joined the first sale and wish to add in any of the new windows kits or deskmat, please place a NEW order with and including all your kits, and contact CS on your original order through your transaction page.

6/11 Update:

Vendor has informed me that based on volume of sales, the keycap is anticipated to ship closer to end of December/beginning of January timeline.
May 8, 2021
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