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Jun 12, 2017
Got these from Camp Saver, and Moosejaw, tried out sizes between 10.5 to 12, and here are my thoughts.
Quality wise, these shoes are top notch, really well built and are going to last a long ass time. Feature wise these are quite nice, Gore Tex for water proof ness, viabram soles for excellent traction, great lacing system, it hits all the right notes, but t he major criticism is the fit.
So, there's no wide variant, and these shoes fit rather snug. As I went up size I had plenty of toe room, but the main concern is the ball of foot. It's a bit too snug on that end and can create a pressure point. And if I keep going up in size eventually the shoe will slip even when it's tightly laced up.
These are definitely shoes you have to try on before you buy, as their fit is rather weird. If they had the same reduced seams feature their other products have I imagine these would be a lot better off. Honestly these are great shoes, but like any other shoe have certain limits you need to be aware of.
Jun 12, 2017
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