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Sep 9, 2015
I'm familiar with wenge, but what in the world are "coco" and "bobo" wood?
The "Coco" pictured is definitely not Cocobolo; the pictures actually look like figured maple of some sort. I can't even think of what "Bobo" might be, except again maybe Cocobolo, but the grain isn't correct and cocobolo is quite expensive.
How exactly are we supposed to determine whether a product is "genuine solid hardwood" when the "type" isn't even a real words, or commonly-accepted names for type of wood??
I actually quite like the figured maple-like wood, but without knowing what on earth it is, I'm definitely not dropping money for it (especially when there's alway the possible response of "thats what coco looks/feels/is like."
Sep 9, 2015
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