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Aug 12, 2018
Perfect timing on this drop. I got a motorcycle a couple months back and I absolutely love riding, my wife however.... Well, she hasn't quite warmed up to me riding it around all the crazy traffic here in Seattle. I've been considering these vests for a while now, but the price has always deterred me away. With this drop being about $100 less than other places, I can finally pick this up and ease my wife's mind a bit. Who knows, maybe she'll actually want to ride with me sometime.
I do have a few questions though.
1. Does anyone know how well this would work underneath a backpack? I use a Kriega r25, and my only concern is that there might not be quite enough room for the airbags to deploy completely. Is there any kind of backpack compatibility chart or user reviews I can refer to?
Other gear I use that I'm wondering if they're going to be compatible or not. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate your input. Icon 1000 Basehawk Jacket Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v2 Air Jacket
2. It looks like I'm between sizes a bit. I'm 5'10 and 200lb's with broader shoulders than most. The Alpinestars jacket I mentioned above is XXL while the Icon 1000 is LG, I find most motorcycle gear is a bit tight for my liking but it looks like I'm within the size range for the LG on this vest. Is there some kind of policy that allows me to swap the LG for an XL if it doesn't quite fit right? Or should I just go directly for an XL?
3. I see it protects quite well against a hatchet. But what about a chainsaw or machete? You never know when Jason Voorhees is going to show up and chase you down. I definitely want to stay safe out there. :-)
Thank you Massdrop and Helite! I'm looking forward to joining this drop when I get my next paycheck!
Aug 12, 2018
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