HERITOR Gregory Automatic Watch
HERITOR Gregory Automatic Watch
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HERITOR makes watches to be passed down for generations. The Gregory is a stunning timepiece with a large open heart at 6 o’clock and a 24-hour sub-dial Read More

Sep 29, 2020
I'm a ridiculously uneducated user of watches. I buy 'em mostly for their gadget value, like the Fossil and Skagen hybrid "semi-smart" watches. Got one each of them, plus some others that just sorta tickled my fancy for some reason or another. I think this watch is in that last category for me. I don't own an automatic. Been wanting one for quite awhile, but then again, there doesn't seem to be anything automatic about setting the right time every couple or four or five days. Any longer and walkin' around with a watch that's 5 minutes (or more) off every time your friends ask you what time it is could get to be a way to identify a person, and I try to not be identifiable beyond what's required by law. I like the Ti-colored with the black (or is it Navy Blue?) face with black strap. I'd prefer numbers at least at the quarter hour marks, but the way it's laid out in that regard does seem well-balanced and aesthetically appealing - to me anyway - I totally get it that others' mileage may vary 180° out of phase on that point. Don't care a wit about the moon phase. I live far out in the country. All's I gots to do to answer that question is look up. Again, the aesthetic is more relevant to me than the function on that score. I don't know. I might jump in before it's over. 🥱
Sep 29, 2020
I've had a Tissot PRS 516 Powermatic 80 for almost a year now. It caught my eye when it came out on Drop and everyone said it was amazing value for money, it looks good and is very accurate too. All the claims have been true, its very accurate for an automatic (gain or lose a minute or less every month). The 80 hour power reserve makes me complacent though. Many times I forgot about it for a few days and it stops.
Sep 30, 2020
That's a very good movement, I believe from ETA but a quite advanced one. I would like it in a Seastar model one day.
Sep 26, 2020
NOT a true moon phase? Please say it isn't so!

Sep 27, 2020
It's just a 🌞🌚 indicator...
Mar 9, 2020
My Heritor :)

It looks so Dignified and Royal. Really a time piece worth passing on.
Sep 27, 2020
fucking hell you drop watch guys are so elitist. its a nice looking watch for an okay price. get your head out of your ass
Sep 28, 2020
It's not all Drop watch guys; I agree with you in essence,but sometimes the words appear differently and without due consideration to other people's feelings. It is really quite difficult for many who normally get their point across in a visual and audible format. That's probably why some make their living writing; but sadly not all of us! including me: I wish I had that gift as I am sure what I have said or written on many occasions has been inconsiderate. You are right as I have said before this is a lot of watch for the money; probably one of Heritor's most attractive. Unfortunately there are some "trolls" who just like to be rude because of the anonymity, a bit like some of the social media sites suffer from. And there are a lot of guys who like to drop a bit of humour into their comments, and some who just like the "wind-up". Don't give up on them there are a few great guys.
Feb 24, 2020
Why must HERITOR always be in all caps?
Feb 23, 2020
Does anyone know what the lug to lug on this piece is? seems on the larger side with the case being 45mm. Seems like 52-55mm?
Feb 23, 2020
If you look closely at the photos and draw a line straight across at the extreme of the diameter between the lugs it will give you an idea, it seems to be about 50mm, certainly not too large. This is probably the best looking Heritor to date on Drop; I'm not a fan of open heart but the balance with the night/day and 24-hour dial give me undertones of a regulator watch at a glance and the nice texture on the dial with raised indices leave a more expensive look, probably would've preferred Roman numerals: but that may have polarised some who wanted a little more contemporary with the sporty baton look. Nice leather band with that european curve at the lug end. All in all for $99 a nice buy! Even if it is Chinese movement there seems to be a bit of value in the aesthetics , if a miyota or seiko auto probably hope for at least another $60 or so on retail. If a budget buyer under $200 then this is a really decent buy. My preference the yellow gold and brown strap, probably because of the traditional look.
Feb 22, 2020
I think what they must mean is that if your kids stick you in a crappy old-age home and never visit, this would be appropriate to "pass down to the next generation". You could leave your Patek to the nice lady working the dining room who always made sure you got extra Jello.
Feb 22, 2020
So we have another Chinese remnant from Watch Gang. When I got my first Heritor I immediately quit Gang. $500 watch worth $99 and came in a plain black box. Come on Drop, you can do better!
Feb 22, 2020
The zodiac knock off from a few months ago was a great value. Hope they put them up again. I'd like to get one of the other color schemes. Picked up the watermelon dial last time.
Feb 22, 2020
Does it hand wind and hack?
Feb 22, 2020
"HERITOR makes watches to be passed down for generations. " Drop - really, who writes this nonsense???!!! A $99 Chinese watch passed to my kids????
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Oct 24, 2020
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