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Dec 22, 2013
Ok, I want to add a footnote here, after using it with both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and finding the sound pretty thin and lifeless yesterday I plugged it into my MacBook Pro's headphone out to listen to some Youtube videos.
I have never done that before because that port has always been a bit noisy, but suddenly the BA100 sounds like it woke up from the dead! Mid bass is all there! everything sounds full bodied and well rounded, sound stage and instrument separation still sucked (well, it's still only the MBP's headphone out), but this is 10x better!
So I guess this thing want more juice than the iDevice provides? Or just that it likes my MacBook Pro better? Either way, if this thing requires an amp to sound good then the one button remote has to be a bad joke of a feature as it sounded like crap out of my phone, and sounding good straight out of my phone was what I was mainly getting it for.
Maybe some Android devices will fare better, just be warned that if you don't feed this thing right (despite what the remote suggests) it will sound BAD.
Dec 22, 2013
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