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May 3, 2017
So, I was part of the first drop. I thought I was one of the lucky ones that got a keyboard without any issues. Recently, I'm experiencing what appears to be a common issue with this keyboard. The micro USB port appears to be loose and will sometimes disconnect the keyboard. I might also be experiencing the "shorting out" problem. I guess I'll have to pop it open to take a look, or send it in for warranty repair.
Looking at their site, the keyboard has a 1 year warranty. Considering I just got this keyboard in January of this year (2017), at least it's still covered by warranty. Still, it doesn't bode well that only 4-5 months in I'm having issues with the thing. And, of course, others had issues immediately upon receipt.
It's really disappointing, though. The whole reason I immediately jumped on the drop in the first place was the really good price for the components/features. I don't want to have to open this keyboard up. If I was going to mess around with internals and soldering, I'd have built my own keyboard. The whole point of this keyboard was that it was a package put together with features and components that I would have wanted in a custom-built one.
I don't think people have gotten their keyboards from the second drop where it was "reported" that fixes were in place, so who knows if they actually followed through. Depending on the feedback on the second drop, I'd say be wary if this ever becomes available again.
May 3, 2017
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