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Nov 14, 2013
Hi Gents,
Well, most of us paid with paypal.
This means that if our razors are not coming like the ones we previously purchased directly from Ikon, i.e very well wrapped and packed , in the regular IKON package (NOT DAMAGED OR REPLACED) including the feather blades pack , and of course flawless, we will be able to claim for a full refund .
Group buys does not mean lower quality. We paid for brand new flawless IKON razors....Exactly the same that we can get from official Ikon dealers I recommend everyone to check with great care what they will receive . If you see even a very small flaw, it is not acceptable at all.
The Netherlands dealer receives all his IKON razors individually wrapped, each razor comes packed in the IKON cardboard box and is supplied with a pack of feather all stainless blades. This is exactly what we are supposed to receive and nothing else .
We paid for brand new flawless razors . If there is a little flaw, if the original IKON cardboard box is damaged or if "replaced ", if what Ikon supplies (the feather blades pack) with all his razors is missing , I will claim a full refund immediately and I encourage everyone to do the same .
Official dealers are not all offering the same prices and the difference can be over $25 per unit , think about it guys ......
I hope that for those who also went in the Vulfix brush drop.... the brushes will come with their hairs ....... and not in a poor plastic bag ....
Regards, Loïc
Nov 14, 2013
Nov 14, 2013
The last razor that I purchased directly from iKon came in a standard bubble mailer. The handle and the head were wrapped in foam and the cardboard box that should hold the razor was flat and unassembled. I received no blades with the razor. It sounds like this is exactly how they will be sent by Massdrop. So yes, I expect that the razors will be packaged just like iKon sends them.
Nov 14, 2013
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