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Nov 14, 2013
i own other ikons and ordered from ikon directly mine came assembled so not sure. i know one of the resellers does say they come as massdrop received them in pieces.
my concern is how were they handled while your warehouse guys assembled them. i expect a brand new flawless razor. no nicks small scratches finish damage warped bent top caps etc. my reasoning for saying this is i ordered a slant from a ikon reseller and when i got it it had a scratch on the head and small nicks on the handle i was not happy so i sent it back, i got a second one still with marks on it but they were different this time. then i called them and they explained they had to be assembled and sometimes during the assembly this can happen. i told them for not much more i could order right from ikon and they finally had me send it back and the one i got after that was spotless because i was told they had someone VERY carefully assemble one and place it in the box. they now use gloves and a padded table to assemble them. and they are less than 30$ more
what do we do if one is received with any marks nicks or blems on it now that they have been actually handled. this is to be a gift that i will not give if it is not perfect. i am VERY particular and i know they were 99.99 but imo for 100$ razor they should as perfect as possible.
again please know i am not saying you guys purposely marked them or tossed them around etc i would assume you took as much care as you can but i really would like to know how they were handled. i own 2 ikon slants now and i also own many other ikon razors i know how they should look when new. thank you and sorry for the long message.
also to add blade06fr none of my ikons (i own the full line) came with feathers. they do not normally come with blades just so you know
thank you!!
Nov 14, 2013
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