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Nov 20, 2013
Hi everybody,
This is a failure of Massdrop simply due to incompetence. We have communicated back and forth multiple times with the community to understand and reassure you that these will be handled with proper and safe shipping conditions, and we failed at executing it. We are extremely sorry about your negative experience, and are outright embarrassed that we're in this situation.
We've spent a significant amount of time understanding the points of failure in our fulfillment process to avoid this from happening again in the future. Ultimately, despite numerous communications and pictures being sent back and forth from our office in San Francisco (where we are) to our warehouse manager and staff in Southern California, they didn't [ALL] follow the instructions (some were assembled and others were not).
Understanding that this problem has affected people in different ways, and that people have different priorities, we are offering each person one of the following three options:
1) A full refund for the product, and we will pay for the return shipping back to us. 2) A partial $30 refund, and you keep the razor. 3) A replacement Ikon - Note: We talked to Ikon on the phone this morning and they're completely sold out for the holiday season and won't have any more available until "well after Christmas". So we can't send you a replacement until they have them back in stock - you can definitely keep your scratched one and use it until then.
Once you've decided which of these three you would prefer, please email and Ash will handle the logistics involved.
Nov 20, 2013
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