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If you thought film cameras were dead, think again. While digital photography has supplanted much of the film world, Polaroid has endured Read More

The Enduring Appeal of Polaroid

If you thought film cameras were dead, think again. While digital photography has supplanted much of the film world, Polaroid has endured. And it’s no mystery why: Offering the instant gratification of digital, Polaroid also provides the tangibility of traditional photography. And that’s to say nothing of the images themselves: soft, gritty, authentically vintage—the real thing in a world of digital filters.

Note: This bundle includes one Polaroid 600 Red Stripe OneStep Flash camera and two packs of film (Instant B&W 2.0 Film and Instant Color Film). At checkout you have the option to add on more film packs in different styles (+$22.98).


Entry-Level Polaroid with Flash & More

Refurbished in Brooklyn by The Impossible Project, the Polaroid 600 Red Stripe OneStep Flash is an excellent starting point for newcomers to instant photography. This point-and-shoot camera is equipped with a built-in automatic flash for low-light situations, plus a close-up adaptor to capture subjects as close as 2 feet away. Advanced and experimental photographers will find plenty to play with, too, as the Polaroid 600 comes with flash override and an exposure correction slider.


About the Impossible Project

Carrying the Polaroid torch into the 21st century is the Impossible Project. Founded in 2008 by a handful of former Polaroid employees, who purchased the world’s last remaining Polaroid factory in hopes of saving 200 million cameras from extinction, the Impossible Project not only produces and distributes instant film but also refurbishes Polaroid cameras. Today, headquartered in Berlin, the company comprises more than 140 employees spread out over seven countries.


Film Types

Each pack of instant film (B&W and Color) comes with eight photos. Compatible with 600-type Polaroid cameras as well as Impossible Instant Lab cameras, both types of film offer the rich tone and finish that has come to define Polaroid photography. The Polaroid 600 Red Stripe is also compatible with 16 other types of film

Color Film 4514
Color Film Black Frame 4515
B&W Film 4516
B&W Film Black Frame 4517
Color Film Color Frame 4522
B&W Film Colored Frame 4223
Color Film Round Frame 4524
B&W Film Round Frame 4525


  • The Impossible Project
  • Lens: 106 mm
  • Lens: Fixed-focus single-element plastic
  • Focus range: 2 ft – infinity
  • Flash: Built-in automatic electronic flash (powered by batteries in film; film sold separately).
  • Flash range: 2 ft – 10 ft
  • Maximum aperture: f/14
  • Minimum aperture: f/42
  • Shutter: Electronic
  • Shutter speed: 1/3 to 1/200th second
  • Film: Uses 600 film for Polaroid cameras
  • Camera powered by electronic batteries included in film
  • Condition: Camera may show some small signs of wear


  • 1 Polaroid 600 Red Stripe OneStep Flash camera
  • 2 packs of film (4514 & 4515)(8 shots per pack)
  • 1-year warranty


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