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Sep 10, 2019
I am one of the people it was also ripped off from Trinity. If Bob is truly innocent and was just an employee of the company why not just say so. You say people won't understand a decent explanation how do you know if you don't try. Trinity was obviously a scam not that it started out that way I bought some of the first products and they were fairly decent. They were a company actually putting out earphones this wasn't just a kickstart company. Obviously they got in way over their head trying to make new products. What they should have done was to admit failure sent everybody a long sorry we lost your money email with the promise that if they got going again they would give you a huge discount on the new product. I would still have been upset over losing my money but it would've made a little bit more sense. Instead they kept sending me emails it won't be long now. Next the product is in the shipment phase. Next you should have the product within two weeks. Oh sorry you didn't get it we had the wrong address resubmit your address will make sure you get it. That was the last one I received. Honest companies don't do that. And again if Bob was not involved in that he needs to say so. I say do not by his product I don't care how good it is. That is a consumer right you can complain about Lynch mob but people have a right to say do not buy a product because the seller is not legitimate and has ripped off and lied to people in the past that is a consumer right just as well as the seller being able to write people off because of a stupid law.
Sep 10, 2019
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