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May 31, 2017
And the wait begins! Out of all the drops, this is the only thread that I keep going back to since I was able to join this drop for the first time last Friday. Yanbo's closet drop was a nightmare compared to this time.
My prep list while I wait:
1) shop for a nice soldering kit. (This will be my first DIY kit)
2) Get into the Carbon drop to get my second set of keycaps for this kit. Others on my wish list is the 1976 set and jukebox set. Now I'm glad I'll be able to wait for future keycap drops to build my collection for this kit.
3) led search (I think I found one I like and just need to order).
4) read up at the boards about programming the ergodox. This one sounds intimidating. I just need to set basic functions to work and I'll be happy. I'll explore layering at a later time.
5) watch up on some YouTube videos. The ones on the help guides provided by Massdrop were very helpful.
May 31, 2017
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