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Aug 19, 2015
I already have foam hand reast and 400 white, red, green, blue LEDs... These keyboards have layers so it would be easier to switch layer to numpad than it would to remove your hand to another numpad and then back to keyboard so i dont see the need or want for a number pad.... Does/Would the numpad be able to connect to the egodox, the dox has usb3 connection types?
Out of the six option given so far to choose a gift, I would choose in this order: pre-assembled (switches soldered), discount on the price or in store credit, numpad (if able to connect, and if you'all would include switches), original non-fitting case (this should be shipped with the order anyway, we could use it for spare parts or extra modifying, better than throwing in the trash),wrist rest (I already have, but I guess a spare would be ok), LEDs (I already have 400, way more than enough, i don't see any benefit to have any more)
This is only my opinion, any gift you offer would be appreciated and be a bonus. Its been a long wait, but I would rather the wait than a sub par product. I just wish this item was better explained in the description at least explaining that the product was still in prototype phase and not yet ready for mass production. I think MD should have made sure that was in the discription.
Thanks. I'm looking forward to the final product, I can't wait!
Aug 19, 2015
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