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Sep 2, 2015
One thing that I don't understand is, why didn't Massdrop order the LCDs a long time ago? There would have been plenty of time to add a another order for 1000 more LCD screens, and have them here by now.
Or was the prototype so unfinished that even the specs of the LCD screen were so uncertain that Massdrop didn't want to order them before everything was built?
When I joined, I thought that the original estimated ship date as a conservative estimation actually. That they had made a huge margin to make sure that they had plenty of time to receive everything from all the suppliers.
What actually led me to believe that, was this comment(link at the bottom of the post) by HaaTa, replying to: "Why is the shipping date so far away?":
"PCB (and case) are part of the reason. Mainly, it's to give a more reasonable ship date for a first run of a product. The original Infinity ship date was delayed quite a bit (lots of manufacturing issues came up) so we're trying to give ourselves more time (also keep in mind we're nearly triple the orders of the original infinity and each infinity is really 2 full keyboards...)."
But maybe I should have read "more reasonable", exactly as it says, just a bit more reasonable but still not the most honest estimate they can give.
Maybe Massdrop should switch to three point estimates for projects like this, typically "Best case estimation" "Most likely estimation" "Worst case estimation", I think that would give people much more information, on what they are joining.
Sep 2, 2015
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