Inova X5 Ultraviolet Flashlight

Inova X5 Ultraviolet Flashlight

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UV light comes in handy for a multitude of use cases. You could use it to cure an adhesive, to detect a leak, to disinfect bacteria, to rule out a fake bill, or to find pests in your home Read More

Jan 31, 2019
I have had the smaller 1AA size Inova X1 UV flashlight for over 10 years now. That one features a single LED with a very tight, focused beam. Inova lights are solid and well made, but really I would not get this considering the competition. For about $8 at your local Harbor Freight Tools store (or online from the website) is the Quantum UV flashlight. Has a 9 LED array, uses 3AAA batteries, and is all-aluminum except for the rubber tail-switch and the plastic holder-adapter for the batteries (like many lights of this size use). It is bright, easily shines across a room, and I have one. Don't really touch that Inova anymore. You can literally buy 4 of the Quantum lights to 1 Inova, and have brighter light output. Generic AAA size alkaline batteries are very cheap to get most anywhere, so I don't sweat it about rechargeable batteries.

Feb 1, 2019
I've actually been looking for an Inova X1 UV. I don't need the brighter output, as I have an X5 UV already, I just want a small light that takes one battery for a travel toolkit. The X1 UV is discontinued and sold out everywhere I've looked.
Jan 29, 2019
Convoy S2+ 365nm UV, add a UV filter onto it, and you'll have a powerful UV light that bleeds very little visible light.
Jan 28, 2019
I use uv lights when I stay at hotels to find all the blood, semen, and urine stains. Would this flashlight work for finding hidden bodily fluids?
A community member
Jan 28, 2019
I use uv lights to write letters to hubby in uv reactive ink. I would get this, but we need something that takes AA or AAA or that is USB rechargeable.
Feb 1, 2019
They make rechargeable RCR123 (16340) cells that have a micro USB port right in the side of them. But this light would probably be a bit of overkill for your purpose anyway since its so bright.
Jan 28, 2019
I am also interested in using this with rechargeables if possible. Has anyone succeeded?
Jan 28, 2019
I don’t have experience with this light but another use of UV lights is to spot scorpions in your wood pile or around the campsite while in desert areas. A lot of fun for kids to go scorpion hunting (but ya gotta watch out for rattlers!)
Dec 21, 2018
Wow, 30 bucks for a flashlight featuring cheap previous century UV leds. Better go get Convoy S2+ on ebay with 3W Nichia or LG 365nm UV LED for a half of the price, with free shipping. (Just bought mine for $10).
Dec 21, 2018
$32.00 Shipping to Australia for a $30 flashlight??? How do you justify the % 102 jump over the price of the flash light itself, just for shipping only seriously??? Considering that massdrop Always use DHL for world wide shipping and I have yet to see such an exuberant shipping fee from DHL unless it was like the Next Day Air Delivery which this is far from. I wonder what makes this so special to warrant such a Redicolus hike of %102 for shipping cmon massdrop give us a break please.
Feb 1, 2019
I doubt that is fully within their control. If it was, I'm fairly confident they'd change it to avoid this very complaint since I'm sure they know there is no reason people would pay that shipping price unless MD is literally the only place they could get an item, which it often isn't.
Dec 20, 2018
Can't think of a reason that I need a UV light, but just wanted to share that I love my Inova X1 lights.. really nice design, incredibly well-made and have lasted through many years of daily use.  Impressive lights for the money, but never see them talked about anywhere.
Oct 31, 2018
$35 shipping to Canada. I’d laugh but you just saved me $29.99
A community member
Nov 1, 2018
Be happy, for me it's 44$. Funny thing is, I just had 20kg package arrive from Germany and I paid 15€ shipping on that. Makes me wonder what the hell are they sending this thing in.
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