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Apr 9, 2016
For me, i hate using wired IEMs on the go. its really annoying to have to manage the wires while juggling the bags and jostling with other commuters on the public transport. with this coupled with a pair of isolation series comply tips and i can even drown out those screaming and screeching people on the bus by cranking the music up a notch or 2. I've been sorely missing my bluebuds after it died. while i had the brainwavz s1 that came from a massdrop bluebox, going back to wired after enjoying the convenience of wireless (disregarding the sound quality) is pretty hard and I kinda gave up on it. I've not tried any shure IEMs before but even if it is better, i would in my opinion choose this one as a commute device anyways.
Apr 9, 2016
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