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Apr 2, 2015
This is a phenominal studio monitor for the price and it will easily out-class "Hi-Fi" speakers that cost 4 or more times as much. I've owned these for several months, and they easily compare to my much more expensive Neumann KH 120 monitors, and in some instances I prefer the JBL's. Do not hesitate to purchase these, folks. These are a true steal of a deal! And just to reiterate, the price is for a single speaker. You need to buy two of these to receive a stereo pair. Everyone who hears these (and I'm talking about pro musicians, producers, & engineers) simply cannot believe that they are "budget" monitors.
If you are buying these for general home listening, they will sound amazing, but note that they are "near-field" monitors, and their sweet spot for pin-point imaging and a deep, wide soundstage will be when listening at a distance of between 4.5ft-8ft (IME). If you plan to use them in a larger room and sit more than 8ft-10ft away from these, they will still fill your room with amazing sound, but you will miss out a bit on their stellar imaging and soundstage (that really is quite amazing in the near-field).
If you are planning to put them on a computer desk or something similar, you will want to place them at least 4ft apart with the tweeters at ear-level, preferably raised off of the desk surface 3"-5"+ on foam iso-pads. Small monitor speaker stands will also work excellent. Toe-in the speakers so that the tweeters are aimed directly on-axis to your listening position. The general rule for best sound is to set them up with your listening position & the speakers in an equilateral triangle.
There are some other excellent "reviews" here in the comments like BradP's, and from the reviews I've read to this date, you can believe them. I bought a second pair of these for a bedroom setup, and combined them with the wireless Monoprice Bluetooth Music Receiver with Apt-X protocol, for high-quality wireless streaming from our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphones. This is a stupidly good deal. Buy Them & Enjoy.
EDIT: The power cords are relatively short for these...~5ft, and because they are active monitors (built-in amplifiers) you will need to plug in each speaker to a household 120VAC wall recepticle. The small toggle-style power switches are located on the rear of each speaker, near the bottom-left. There is a small, white LED power indicator on the front of each speaker and it's not too bright or annoying unless you are in a completely dark room. You can buy an inexpensive remote-control power switch from Amazon. Search for the "Woods 32555 Outdoor Remote Control Outlet Converter Kit" or "Etekcity 3 Pack Wireless Remote Controlled Electrical Switch Socket Outlet with Remote" or similar.
Thanks! - Billy B.
Apr 2, 2015
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