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Oct 22, 2016
I received my light today. Looks like they shipped the Niteye branded version, so probably clearing old stock. Nice anodizing as expected and strong SS clip. Typical Jetbeam profile with the beam having a pronounced hotspot should be a relatively good thrower for an AA light as claimed by the manufacturer. Easy to operate one handed, and has mode memory which I find a blessing and a curse. Mine has a nice white tint, but with that typical golden/yellow hotspot at close distances. Don't use it for white wall hunting, and it should be very nice. I don't intend to use 14500 so the brightness is average. So basically, everything as expected except the NiteEye branding; Mass drop should be more careful with images and descriptions it can make a difference to some people. I've not read any reviews of this light, but I'm sure CPF has good ones.
Oct 22, 2016
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